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Welcome to EXEED in UAE

We Are Dedicated To Delivering An Exceptional Experience. This Commitment Drives Us To Introduce EXEED, The Only Car Designed To Go Above And Beyond. EXEED Cars Epitomize Simplicity And Purity In Style While Harnessing The Power Of Superior Intelligence. Our Fleet Includes Suvs Like The EXEED TXL And EXEED VX, Equipped With Powerful Engines, Maximum Torque, And Spacious Seating Capacities.

At Al Ghurair EXEED UAE, We Understand That Modern Drivers Seek Not Only Performance But Also Efficiency. Our Cars Are Thoughtfully Designed To Provide Everything You Need To Surpass Expectations While Remaining Economical. We Offer Unique Deals, Comprehensive After-Sales Support, And Prioritize Creating A Remarkable Customer Experience. Our Aim Is To Ensure A Seamless Process As Our Cars Become A New And Enriching Addition To Your Life.

As A Chinese Car Brand, We Are Continuously Embracing New Challenges To Meet The Evolving Needs Of Modern Families. We Strive To Understand And Exceed The Requirements Of Contemporary Lifestyles, Making Exeed The Ideal Choice For Those Seeking Innovation, Reliability, And Convenience.

Join Us On This Transformative Journey As We Revolutionize The Automobile Industry With Our Groundbreaking Technologies, Premium Quality Products, And Exceptional Services. Experience The Difference With EXEED By Al Ghurair UAE — Where The Future Meets Excellence.


Born For More Is Not Just A Slogan; It's A Promise.


It Embodies Our Heritage Of Craftsmanship, Precision Engineering, And Unwavering Dedication To Excellence.


It Represents Our Commitment To Defying Expectations, Pushing The Limits Of Innovation.

Born For More

It Signifies Our Belief That Life Is Meant To Be Lived To The Fullest, Embracing Every Opportunity.

Brand Orientation

Learn About Our Orientation

Elevating The Pursuit Of Exploration: Redefining Premium Smart Cars Introducing A Premium Smart Car Brand Crafted For Those Who Dare To Explore And Embrace Breakthroughs Around The World. With Our Brand Orientation Focused On “Premium, Elegance, And Intelligence,” We Are Committed To Consistently Delivering The Concept Of A Life Enriched By New Technologies That Surpass Expectations.

At Our Core, We Understand That Today’s Consumers Crave More Than Just A Means Of Transportation; They Seek A Transformative Experience. Our Brand Caters To These Discerning Individuals, Providing Vehicles That Go Beyond The Ordinary And Redefine What It Means To Drive With Purpose.




Brand Mission

At EXEED, We Combine Ingenuity, Intelligent Technology, Elegant Design, And A Relentless Commitment To Ultimate Safety. We Empower Every EXEEDER With Extraordinary Control, Enabling Their Success On The Road. Experience The Power Of EXEED And Redefine What It Means To Drive With Excellence.

Brand Vision

EXEED Is Driven By Continuous Exploration And Breakthroughs, Aiming To Become A World-Class Premium Brand. With A Relentless Commitment To Innovation, We Are Shaping The Future Of Automotive Excellence. Join Us On This Journey As We Redefine What It Means To Drive And Unleash A New Era Of Excellence.

Brand Connotation

EXEED Embodies The Spirit Of Exploration And Breakthrough. It Represents Our Continuous Quest To Surpass Boundaries And Meet The Evolving Needs Of Users Worldwide. By Integrating European Automotive Expertise With China’s Intelligent Interconnection Technology, We Create An Extraordinary Brand That Blends Technology, Art, Engineering, And Humanities. With Rapid Iterations Driven By Global User Feedback, EXEED Is A Brand Co-Created With Our Users, Constantly Evolving To Deliver Exceptional Experiences. Explore With Us As We Redefine The Future Of Mobility.


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